Weird Al Wednesdays 7-30-14

Welcome, friends, to another Weird Al Wednesday!  Today, I have selected one of my favorite of Al’s original songs: “Hardware Store”.

This song really showcases Al’s ability to sing really well.  I still haven’t memorized the lyrics to the list of all that stuff in the store, and the song is over ten years old!  I’ve never seen him do this song live, so it stands to reason that he doesn’t sing that whole list in one go, but it’s still a rather impressive thing.  Another thing I love about this is the rich harmonies in the chords at the end of each chorus.  I have always enjoyed rich, thick harmonies in songs, which is likely a contributing factor to why I was in band all the way from 5th grade through graduating from college.  Then, of course, there’s the comedy of the sheer topic of this song: the person telling us about this lives in a town so boring, that the townsfolk all get excited about a new hardware store opening up.  I hope you enjoyed this week’s selection.  Leave your thoughts, or suggestions, in the comments below.

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