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Loot Crate Unboxing – April 2015

Hello, readers!  Welcome to another Loot Crate Unboxing post!  The April box has some great stuff to fit into the theme: Fantasy.  Let’s dive in, shall we?

April Loot Crate - Theme: Fantasy.
April Loot Crate – Theme: Fantasy.

First up, we have another shirt in this month’s crate.  Loot Crate Labs teamed up with one of the biggest names in fantasy for the last 40 years: Wizards of the Coast!  This awesome Dungeons & Dragons shirt is a Looter Exclusive and officially licensed.  I can only hope it brings me luck when I cast my d20 at my next game.

Next up, we have a cool luggage tag from BIOWORLD.  The tag features the signature train platform number from which departs the bright red Hogwarts Express! This is a brilliant nod to the books and movies for Potter Heads who frequently travel.  It’s too bad that you can’t put this on your luggage as it’s bound for the legendary school for witches and wizards.

Our next item is perhaps the most novel of novelty items I have received from Loot Crate thus far.  The Loot Crate Labs scientists have brought us… an inflatable crown!  Huzzah!  Now I can be the King of the castle whenever I want!  Seriously though, I audibly chuckled when I pulled this from my crate.

Another tie! This time, though, it’s a bow tie. You know, because bow ties are cool. This pre-tied bow tie features dragons and d20s on a field of red.  A silk tie from Spotted & Tied, this is a great addition to every dapper geek’s or geek-ette’s wardrobe.

You want some playing cards? No problem.  You want specialty playing cards themed after a beloved love story of inconceivable intrigue, pirates, and rodents of unusual size?  As you wish.  Loot Crate teamed up with Albino Dragon this month to bring us a beautifully illustrated deck of The Princess Bride playing cards.  Just be sure to skip over the mushy stuff and play poker or war.

Rounding out this crate is a pair of items from everyone’s favorite “all the characters die” television show and book series: Game of Thrones.  First, we have a USB drive in the shape of House Stark’s dire wolf sigil.  A surprisingly intricate design from CustomUSB, this drive should be a good place to store the list of people you’re going to kill or keep your map to the Godswood north of the Wall.  Second, we have a set of house sigil magnets for Houses Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, and Targaryen, along with their words.  These, along with the show’s title magnet, are a fine addition to the other magnets from Loot Crate already adorning my fridge.

What was your favorite thing in this month’s crate?  Have you made use of the bow tie yet?  Let me know in the comments!  As always, thanks for stopping by!

Weird Al Wednesday – April 2015

Hello, weirdos!  Welcome to another installment of Weird Al Wednesdays!  This is, perhaps, the most appropriate Wednesday for this blog, as today is April Fool’s Day!  The first time I saw Al in concert was on April Fool’s Day, back when Poodle Hat came out, and it is with that in mind, that I present this month’s song.  The first live song I ever heard Al perform: Your Horoscope Today.

As I said, this is the first song I ever heard Al perform live.  It’s how he opened the concert, and the song had a special place in my heart even prior to that.  Your Horoscope Today is one of the tracks on the Running with Scissors album.  That was the first album I ever owned of Mr. Yankovic’s.  The first track, The Saga Begins, not only introduced this blog segment, but, as I discuss in that post, it introduced me to Weird Al and the glorious world of parody and comedy music.

I’ve never been one to put much stock in zodiac signs or horoscopes.  That’s probably the reason I find this song so entertaining.  The now-expected, then just-learned, ridiculous level of talent and comedic genius Al puts into this song is great.  Just from one of the lines about Taurus, you can tell that Al probably doesn’t put much stock into this sort of thing either: “The stars predict tomorrow you’ll wake up, do a bunch of stuff, and then go back to sleep.”  Isn’t that what most of us do everyday?

Well, I know it’s a short post, but hey, I think it’s pretty good.  Better to end while it’s good, then drag out until you’re using the same thing over and over again.  Hopefully a few television execs read that last sentence.  Anyway, have a April Fool’s Day, play a prank, and as always, stay weird friends!