Who Shot First: Han or Greedo?

I would like to go on record about the “age-old debate” regarding who shot first, Han or Greedo. There is no debate. Those who misguidedly think Greedo shot first have only seen the versions of A New Hope released since the 1997 Special Edition. In the original theatrical release, Han shoots Greedo without a second thought. No self defense for being shot at, just plain, old-fashioned murder. Han’s a smuggler, living on the fringe of society in one of the seediest places in the galaxy. This kind of behavior should be expected from smugglers, scoundrels, and the scum that live in places like Mos Eisley and on Nar Shadda and Nal Hutta. Han murdering Greedo is important to his character development from devil-may-care fringer to hero of the Rebellion. Adding the special effects to make Greedo shoot first and miss because of Han’s apparently Force-assisted reflexes diminishes his character in a big way.

Ok, I’m stepping g down from my soap box now.

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