Weird Al Wednesday – July 2015

Hey everyone!  My apologies for Weird Al Wednesday being pushed back a week.  I haven’t had much chance to get on my blog.  There are various reasons I haven’t been on, but I’d rather not bore you with excuses you don’t want to hear.  Let’s get into this month’s song, shall we?

Al’s parody of Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust, it is from his first, self-titled album.  It’s a great song about an over-crowded city bus with a bunch of weird people on it.  This is one of Al’s least complex songs, musically speaking, but the lyrics definitely follow his parody style.  Most of Al’s fan base love when he brings out the accordion.  It’s the instrument that really got him his start, so the accordion being the only actual melodic instrument in this song probably contributed to it’s popularity.

This is the first song Al had nationally broadcast on the Doctor Demento radio show back in the early 1980s.  Doctor Demento was the man who really helped launch Weird Al into the national spotlight, and the live broadcast of this song is what really did it.  This was also the first song Al ever performed live on national television.  Below is the clip of that performance.  I tried to find a version where the video and audio sync up better, but to no avail.  Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it anyway.

Again, my apologies for this post being delayed a week.  I expect to be back on schedule next month.  Until then, enjoy this song, and stay weird!

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