About Me

Let’s clear the air: I’m a nerd, and I’m proud of it. I waived the nerd flag long before is was cool (as much as I hate how ‘hipster’ that sounds, it’s true). I was the kid in elementary school who wore sweatpants in the winter. I was the kid that got glasses in 1st grade. I was the kid who played with LEGOs, fell in love with the original Star Wars trilogy, and played Warcraft (the first one). Now, at the request of my good friend, I enter the world of the blog. I’ll warn you, I’m no English major, and I will do my best not to foul up the place, but what you read is what you get.

This will be my personal blog, whereas most of my posts will be made on my friend Jeremy’s blog.  Please visit his page for an array of nerd topics, with a strong focus by Jeremy on comics.

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