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Things I do regarding Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana.

The Founding of Eastdock and Westdock

At some point in the future, I plan to run a Titansgrave campaign that focuses on a group of folks who start off as fans of the Beer Baron and run a Beer Club in one of the smaller towns well to the north of Nestora.  Upon searching the map, I settled on Eastdock.  Since I haven’t seen anything published on this town or its obvious partner Westdock, I thought I’d share my story of their founding.


Emerging from their cave, this sordid group of folk were in awe and terror of what they beheld.  They were cautious of this new world, but also curious.  Suddenly, they became aware that they were hungry and began searching for and trying things to eat.  Some of the folk died in the early days, but by the time of the Endless Night, they were experts at what to eat, how to cook, the making of tools, and had even learned to talk to each other and the other folk on what they now understood was their island home.  Life was good for a time.  The Humans, Gnomes, and Halflings had a good life of sport, song, drink, and food.  For many months, their island was a paradise.  But as with all good things, this paradise began to come to an end.

They had boats for fishing, but began to realize these boats would need to be larger and sturdier to weather the wider seas.  Soon, they would need to start searching for other places from which to get resources.  After a few weeks of hard work, the islanders had built a small fleet of 14 vessels to sail as a convoy.  They loaded the ships with provisions and things to trade, and after some protections were cast by the local mages, they fleet set sail for whatever they could find.

After a week, they encountered a terrible storm that threatened to destroy the fleet.  Even the protections of the mages could not withstand the awesome power of the wind, rain, and lightning.  A few of the ships managed to stay together, but they were separated into two groups that didn’t find each other after the storm.  Three of the ships were lost to the depths, while one group of 6 and another of 5 ships eventually found land.  Little did they know that they were only a few days journey by foot from each other.

They made landfall and began setting up camps.  Most of the provisions had either been used up or lost in the storm.  As such, they set about doing what they knew: building and fishing.  After a few weeks, a Saurian scout party of 2 Suarians and a dozen Orcs comes across the built-up camp of Westdock and approaches cautiously, weapons drawn.  There are some initial communications issues leading to the scout party attacking the strangers.  The scout party is taken down by sheer numbers, but the casualties to the folks of Westdock are significant.  As a result, they move closer to the sea and begin fortifying their camp.  They take the weapons of their fallen attackers and learn how to use them, and even build their own.  This is, after all, the first time they’ve seen power weapons and blasters.

Eastdock has a less-dangerous encounter with an Elven scouting party.  The Elves are cautions, but less hostile and instead work through the communications issues to try and establish a good relationship with the folks of the Eastdock camp.  Because of this good relationship, the folks of Eastdock move a little farther into the river delta where they settled and build up quite a town.  Many Elves end up joining their little holdout of civilization and they develop quite a propensity for magic and trade.

As the Endless Night finally started to break, and the sun rose over the horizon for the first time in nearly a generation, the folks of both Eastdock and Westdock sent out caravans of merchants to try and find trading partners.  It just so happened, that near a hot spring geyser of red rock, a caravan from each town crossed paths and the islanders were reunited and vowed to strengthen the ties of their cities, as well as find ways to travel home.  None of them actually knew how to get back to their island, but they were determined to find it, nonetheless.

Months passed, and the Endless Night became a thing forgotten.  Rumors were circulating in the bustling towns of Westdock and Eastdock about unrest to the south and someone calling herself a Prophet.  The folks of Westdock, still overcautious from their first encounter with Saurians, began shoring up their defenses, as well as those of their friends in Eastdock.  It wasn’t long after that a small group of ships returned to announce they had finally found their long lost home and a route was mapped to bring trade to and from the island.

The Chaos Wars erupted into full destruction south of the two water towns.  Given the close relationship between Westdock and Eastdock, it was no wonder that they had such and intertwining of magic and technology.  This made them targets of the Prophet and her forces.  Luckily, the two towns had made enough friends and built up enough defenses that they withstood many attacks from the forces of Chaos.  The aquatic nature of the towns even assisted in sending each other supplies and reinforcements after the master builders and arcmages worked together to build submersibles.

To this day, the submersibles are a closely  guarded secret, even thought the Chaos Wars a a thing of the past.  The twin cities have opened up their gates to those wishing to visit and do business.  Westdock is still not as welcoming as Eastdock, but they aren’t as paranoid as they used to be either.  Eastdock does have a stronger magical presence than technology, just as Westdock is the reverse.

You will find both towns brimming primarily with Humans, Gnomes, and Halflings, all tied to the towns’ founders.  Eastdock has a sizable Elf population, as well, but very few Saurians, Orcs, or Dwarves.  Westdock, however, has a decent percentage of Dwarves and Saurians (despite how some of the very old Humans, Gnomes, and Halflings feel about them), but not very many Elves, and only about an equal population of Orcs.  Occasionally, you will find the odd Beastfolk here and there in either town, but they are usually just passing through on some trip or another.

Beetle of Balinor

Based on the third episode of Titansgrave, here is my proposal for the item stats of Lemley’s favorite insect: the Beetle of Balinor.

Beetle of Balinor
Made of gold, with blue gemstones inset to the carapace, this magical beetle only responds to the person who most deserves it. One cannot tell if the beetle is alive or not, unless you know the incantation that brings it obviously to life.

Make 5 opposed Willpower tests. For this test, the Beetle receives a +5 on the first test, dropping by 1 for each subsequent test.  If the player successfully passes 4 of the 5 tests, the Beetle is attuned to the person. If the player fails, they must wait one full day before making the tests again.

You Deserve This Most
Once the beetle is attuned to you, you may designate an activation word or phrase. The Beetle learns this command instantly as the first thing said to it after attunement.

After designating the activation word or phrase, the Beetle is yours to command.

What Does It Do?
When activated, the Beetle stirs to life, fluttering its wings before taking flight. It flies around for a few minutes, dazzling to the eye and very distracting to persons within 10 feet of it.

If a player activates the Beetle to use as a distraction, each person or creature within 10 feet must make a Willpower (Focus) test, with a Test Value of 12 plus the owner’s Willpower. If they succeed, they are not distracted. If they fail, they are distracted for 1 minute out of combat, or 1 round of combat, as applicable. A distracted person takes a -5 on any Perception tests made while distracted, or cannot make any attacks (including attacks of opportunity) until the start of your next turn.

Titansgrave Creature

Hey everyone! I wanted to share the wondrous thing that is Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana with you.  It’s the RPG show on Geek & Sundry based on the Fantasy AGE system and run by Wil Wheaton.  I picked up both the AGE basic rulebook and the Titansgrave books while at Gen Con this year.  The show is great and the book is a great companion for running your own game based on the show.  However, there aren’t a lot of preconstructed things to expand the show’s storyline.  To that end, I decided to come up with a critter that I feel would be a common pest of the area of Valkana known as the Rustwastes. I call it a Junkmite. Let me know what you guys think of it in the comments below.