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Hello Internet!

Greetings all!

I would like to begin with the obvious: I am a nerd and proud to be so.  I am completely new to this blog thing, despite being a modern-day 20-something.  I plan to use this page as a way to post my thoughts and share nerd knowledge.  There will be a lot of blogging done for a friend’s page, with the main intent of this page being my personal thoughts.  I will link from my page to all of my posts for the quaintjeremy blog, mostly to have some content on here until I get my own things going.  I will also likely use this as a vehicle to help promote my stepping into the realm of cosplay.  That venture is in its very, very, VERY early stages, and in much need of work. However, it’s something I have considered for some time and I am finally reaching a point where it is possible to attain.

Anyway, stay tuned and enjoy!