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Weird Al Wednesday – June 2015

Hello readers, and welcome to another installment of Weird Al Wednesday!  In this series, I talk about a Weird Al Yankovic song on the first Wednesday of each month.  This month, we are going to look at a track off the Alapalooza album: Jurassic Park.

In honor of the upcoming release of Jurassic World, I picked this parody of MacArthur Park by Richard Harris.  It seemed appropriate to me.  I’ll be honest, until writing this post, I had never heard the original song with the lyrics.  Once, at a Maynard Ferguson concert, I heard the song as an instrumental jazz piece.  That was it.  Now that I’ve listened to the whole over-seven-minute song, the instrumentation is amazing, but the lyrics are a bit confusing and odd.

This is perhaps the best reason this song should be parodied by Weird Al.  Granted, Al cuts down the song by about half.  However, this shortening is quite fitting.  Al succinctly sums up the Jurassic Park  movie in his three and a half minute song.  He touches on the major points of the movie, including how they make the dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex eating the lawyer, and even pipes in the Rex’s roar at the end of the song.

Of course, no Al song would be complete without the comedy element.  Al throws this in with lyrics like “I’m afraid these things will harm me / ‘Cuz they sure don’t act like Barney” and “Well I suppose that proves they’re really not all bad” in regards to the lawyer being eaten.  There’s also the musical break in the song which features various screams of terror and pain mixed with dinosaur roars, implying the chasing that happens throughout the movie.

All in all, this is one of my favorites from Mr. Yankovic.  I mean, who doesn’t love dinosaurs, comedy, and big orchestral songs?  And this song combines those three things!  Well, that’s all for now, folks.  Keep an eye out for more the June Loot Crate unboxing later this month and a report on Indy PopCon 2015 at the end of the month/possibly early July.  Until next time, stay weird friends!

Weird Al Wednesday 10-22-14

Greetings, fellow weirdos!  For today’s Weird Al Wednesday, I have selected a track from the album Alapalooza: ‘Frank’s 2000″ TV’

You may have recognized this, but ‘Frank’s 2000″ TV’ is a style parody of the early work by R.E.M.  In fact, it has quite a similar sound to ‘Shiny Happy People.’  The song also fits into Al’s old standby of poking fun at America’s dependence on television for entertainment.  As with all good satirists, Al chooses a subject that both hits on a current issue, as well as one with staying power.  One of the things I like about this song is the ridiculous nature of a TV this size when this song came out.  However, with television manufacturers now producing TVs as big as 90″, the concept is a little less farfetched than it used to be.  In fact, Frank’s TV is just a little smaller than the gigantic 72-foot by 160 -foot television screen in the Dallas Cowboys football stadium.  I find that tidbit alone to be staggering.  Someone made something more ridiculous than the subject of a Weird Al song.

And on that note, my friends, pun definitely intended, I draw this post to a close.  Stay weird everyone!  Look for my October Loot Crate review, coming soon!