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Weird Al Wednesday – October 2015

Hello, readers!  I must apologize for being a week late.  I really thought I’d have time to get this up last week, but alas, life happened.  With this being October and the month of Halloween, I thought something “scary” might be appropriate for this month’s Weird Al Wednesday.  It is to that end that I present the following:

This original song by Al is a style parody of the soundtracks common to 1950s-era science fiction films.  The excessive use of electronic sounds like a theremin and synthesizer are prevalent in this song, along with the lyrics being quite the synopsis of the creatures themselves.  Even the title of the song is reminiscent of the the 50s sci-fi/monster films.  Aside from that though, this is a fun song and still holds much of Al’s humor.  This is obvious with such lines as “I sure hope they don’t come in here, I just shampooed the rug.”  I mean, do you honestly think that any other artist (save other parody/comedy artists) would release a song with a line like that?  I didn’t think so.

Overall, this wasn’t my first choice for a ‘Halloween’-themed song, but I’ve already done a post last year on Nature Trail to Hell.  This is a close second, obviously, as it made the cut for this month’s choice.  Do you like the song?  Do you prefer it over Nature Trail to Hell or not?  What are your plans for Halloween this year?  Let me know in the comments below!  Until next time, stay weird!

Weird Al Wednesdays – Jan 2015

Greetings all! Welcome to a new year, and another Weird Al Wednesday post!  I would like to apologize for again changing the scheduling of this post.  Due to my schedule at work, and the upcoming baby arrival, I will be cutting back to doing this post on the first Wednesday of every month.  So, without further adieu, this month’s selection: Dare To Be Stupid.

This is the title track to the album of the same name and is a style parody of the band Devo.  The connections to Devo are quite obvious from the music video, as well as the music itself.  You hear lots of digital sounds, common to songs of the 1980s, and popular among bands like Devo.  Similarities in the video to images of Devo’s music videos are glaringly obvious too, from the yellow jumpsuits, to the odd color combinations and juxtaposed images.

Perhaps a lesser know fact to the younger fans of Al, was this song’s connection to the 1986 animated film The Transformers: The Movie.  This was a fact I literally found out about as I was writing this post.  The song plays during part of the movie as the theme song for the Junkions, strange transformers with a speech impediment who live on a planet of junk.  They only respond positively to the Autobots after a very bizarre ‘universal greeting’, and behave very strangely (based on the three minute clip of the movie I found on YouTube).

I am particularly found of this song because Dare To Be Stupid was among the first few albums of Weird Al’s that I owned, so I listened to it frequently and on repeat for quite a while.  This song also fits as an unofficial theme song of a lot of people now-a-days.  It seems anymore that it’s a goal to be the dumbest person on the planet because you might become accidentally famous on the internet.  In fact, I will probably start hearing this in my head more often when I see something incredibly stupid.

What are your thoughts on this song? What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done? Suggestions for next month’s song? Let me know in the comments.  I’ll leave you with a bonus video of Al on “The Meltdown” doing the song with a string quartet. Stay weird, friends!

Weird Al Wednesday 10-8-14

Hello, and welcome back (finally) to another installment of Weird Al Wednesdays!  For today’s selection, we go back to Al’s first album that didn’t have his name in the title: “Like a Surgeon” from Dare to be Stupid.

This is the first track off of Al’s third studio album, and a great parody of one of the 1980s’ biggest artists, Madonna.  Al’s lyrics mirror Madonna’s very well, with the exact phrasing and structure, and some great line reversals.  For example, at the end of the song, Al’s lyric “I can hear your heartbeat for the very last time” is a great reversal of Madonna’s “Can’t you hear my heartbeat for the very first time”.

The video also has a lot of nods to Madonna, as well as Al’s comedic nature.  Fans of the Three Stooges will note that in the opening sequence there is a page for Doctors Howard, Fine, and Howard.  Also present, is a lion wandering the hospital, in much the way it wanders Venice in Madonna’s video.  Al even does a respectable imitation of Madonna’s singing style, with the higher, nasally, whiny sound that a few female artists of the 80s had.

So, what do you like about this song?  Or do you not like it?  Have a suggestion of a song I should post in the future?  Let me know in the comments below, and stay weird folks!