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Weird Al Wednesdays 12-17-14

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Joyous Winter-time Holiday(s) to you and yours!  For this special edition of Weird Al Wednesday, we have a song no Christmas playlist should go without: “The Night Santa Went Crazy” from the album Bad Hair Day.

This fantastic holiday song from Al features a tale of psychosis, alcohol-induced gun violence, death, and festive cheer.  The song has several influences that culminated in it’s creation.  A style parody of Soul Asylum’s “Black Gold”, with bits of “Mama I’m Coming Home” by Ozzy Osbourne, Greg Lake’s “I Believe in Father Christmas”, and The Kinks’ “Father Christmas”, this song has a little bit of everything.  One of the things that makes this work for Al, is the use of happy & upbeat music to describe the stuff of horror films and killing sprees.  It’s the kind of off-the-wall stuff we’ve all come to expect from Al now and then.  It’s a piece that brings a smile to my face when I hear it and something that will always have a place on my Zune’s Christmas Time playlist.  As a holiday bonus, here’s the “Extra Gory” version that was only released on the “Amish Paradise” single album.  Merry Christmas/(Insert Relevant Holiday Here) to all, and to all stay weird!