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Beetle of Balinor

Based on the third episode of Titansgrave, here is my proposal for the item stats of Lemley’s favorite insect: the Beetle of Balinor.

Beetle of Balinor
Made of gold, with blue gemstones inset to the carapace, this magical beetle only responds to the person who most deserves it. One cannot tell if the beetle is alive or not, unless you know the incantation that brings it obviously to life.

Make 5 opposed Willpower tests. For this test, the Beetle receives a +5 on the first test, dropping by 1 for each subsequent test.  If the player successfully passes 4 of the 5 tests, the Beetle is attuned to the person. If the player fails, they must wait one full day before making the tests again.

You Deserve This Most
Once the beetle is attuned to you, you may designate an activation word or phrase. The Beetle learns this command instantly as the first thing said to it after attunement.

After designating the activation word or phrase, the Beetle is yours to command.

What Does It Do?
When activated, the Beetle stirs to life, fluttering its wings before taking flight. It flies around for a few minutes, dazzling to the eye and very distracting to persons within 10 feet of it.

If a player activates the Beetle to use as a distraction, each person or creature within 10 feet must make a Willpower (Focus) test, with a Test Value of 12 plus the owner’s Willpower. If they succeed, they are not distracted. If they fail, they are distracted for 1 minute out of combat, or 1 round of combat, as applicable. A distracted person takes a -5 on any Perception tests made while distracted, or cannot make any attacks (including attacks of opportunity) until the start of your next turn.