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Weird Al Wednesdays 8-13-14

Greetings friends!  Welcome to this week’s Weird Al Wednesday post!  For this week, I have chosen a classic hit in both its original form, and Al’s version: “Fat.”

One of the greatest parts about this song, is the music video and how closely it mirrors Michael Jackson’s video for “Bad.”  If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.

The link above doesn’t have the whole “Bad” video, but has enough to convey how good Al is at his craft.  From recreating the clothes Michael wears to the set itself, Weird Al shows his chops by taking the parody all the way.  He goes the extra mile to poke fun at the ridiculous sound effects from Michael’s movements and the shouting as the guys move through the subway station.  This is also one of several Weird Al songs on the topic of obesity.  Al uses this subject pretty regularly, seemingly jabbing at Americans in general.  Not only do his parodies on obesity lend themselves to social commentary, but they remind us to laugh at ourselves.