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Weird Al Wednesday 12-3-14 (On Friday, I know)

Hey guys! I know, I’m a couple days late, but here’s this weeks (overdue) Weird Al Wednesday.  For today’s selection, we go back to Al’s first, self-titled album for a classic parody of The Knack: My Bologna.

This is one of Al’s first songs, as evidenced by the exuberant use of accordion.  It’s the instrument that really built his fame and earned him early success.  It’s a great song about the favorite lunch meat of many a school kid across America.  While not as long as the original, many of Al’s parodies don’t match the full length of the originals.  None the less, the silliness of this song cannot be denied.  I mean, who writes a song about bologna?  Weird Al, that’s who!

Though I’ve never learned to play, I have long been a fan of the accordion.  That’s one of the reasons I really enjoy this song.  It also speaks to his creative genius that he could jump to the rhyme of ‘bologna’ and ‘Sharona.’  Certainly, this would not have been a connection I made quickly.  Does this song make anyone else hungry?  I’m also going to leave you with a video of just Al on his accordion playing this wonderful song.  Enjoy, and stay weird!