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The Cephalo-Pope

Friends, Cephalopods, lend me your ears…or statocysts!Cephalo-Pope Hat - resizeSo, a group of my friends has long entertained the idea of this squid hat being the hat of the Cephalo-Pope.  So, when I won it in a drawing from Petty Torture Productions, I thought, “Hmm… Maybe I could make this a real thing through the media of cosplay.”  I have things in the works as far as the physical accoutrements go, but have not really put any thought into the dogma of the Cephalo-Pope.  What would make up the Trinity?  What kind of Christ-like figure would this religion have?  How would they refer to whatever god this religion worships?

What I need from you, my friends, are suggestions to build this theology.  I was thinking of loosely basing it on Roman Catholicism, as much of the structure is there to modify.  I am also weary of the deity of this religion being the Great Old One, as he may lead to too much insanity.  So, please, share this post with as many potentially interested people as you can think of.  I will take some of the more favored ideas to form the basic dogma and go from there.  To start things off, what say you to Communion being fried calamari and black currant liqueur?

DISCLAIMER: I would like to state for the record that this is an exercise in frivolity and amusement.  Any persons offended by this whole notion are more than welcome to discontinue reading my blog.  I ask only that any hurtful thoughts be left to verbal concourse betwixt you and your computer, and not in the comments below.