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Weird Al Wednesday – March 2015

What’s that? It’s the first Wednesday of the month?  Well, that means it’s time for another Weird Al Wednesday!  This month’s selection was picked out by my wife: Weasel Stomping Day, from the album Straight Outta Lynwood.

This is one of the shortest tracks that Al has ever done.  The only shorter track I know was Harvey the Wonder Hamster from Alapalooza, but I digress.  You can’t deny the comically unsettling nature of this song.  I mean, it’s a whole song about a holiday where people go around stepping on weasels.  Combine that with the traditional garb of a Viking helmet and oversize boots, not to mention putting mayonnaise on your lawn, it’s pretty ridiculous.

However, that’s the point.  Al does a fantastic job of satirizing the constant holding on to  of old ways and justification of crazy antics because things are ‘tradition.’  One of the lyrics is even “It’s tradition, that makes it OK.”  Oh, it’s fine, we’ve done this for decades, or a hundred years, or centuries.  That means it is what we should do for the rest of time.  Really?  Then why has mankind taken to using automobiles instead of beasts of burden, or walking for that matter?

It’s true, some traditions become outdated and need to be abandoned.  Not all of them, though.  Some of them need to remain as a means of reminding us who we used to be, and mustn’t be again.  Time-honored remembrances to root us in our cultural heritage.  Little things with personal meaning that tie us to major events of our lives.  These things are important parts of society that keep us from fracturing into the barbarians we used to be.

Wow, that got a little deeper than I expected.  Oh well, that can happen when you are pretty much free writing.  Well, anyway, I hope you enjoyed the song.  I’d love to hear what some of your favorite, but odd, traditions might be in the comments below.  Until next month, stay weird!

Weird Al Wednesdays 8-20-14

It’s that time gain, for another installment of Weird Al Wednesdays!  This week, I present a song who’s title probably makes it one of the most ironic songs of Al’s repertoire: Don’t Download This Song.

The irony of this song is that it was, in all likelihood, downloaded several thousand times.  I’ll grant that some of those were likely to be legitimate downloads through iTunes or Zune.  However, for every legal download of this song, there is probably at least 10 illegal downloads.  Personally, I buy every album Weird Al releases from an actual store…or at least Amazon.com.  I strongly believe that something I enjoy as much as Al’s music deserves my patronage with actual money.

Speaking of money, the humor of this song is in the bridge where he talks about the pains that artists go through if you illegally download their music.  The examples that Al throws out are absurd and a little farfetched, but falls to his old adage of exaggeration to prove his point.  In fact, it points out how ridiculous it is that artists who make millions of dollars from CD, concert, and other merchandise sales spend their time and money on lawyers and lawsuits to go after people who clearly just enjoy a few of their songs and might not want to buy an entire album to get that one song.  It is my opinion that these actions and the big whine session that artists had about music downloads in the early 2000s is a direct cause of the mediums on iTunes, Amazon, and the like to buy digital versions of a single song from an album.  This, to me, expresses the music industry’s realization that people will pay for things they enjoy, if they are given the choice to buy only what they want.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts?  What does this song say to you about the music industry?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and remember to be weird today!