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GenCon 2014 Summary

I had a great time this past weekend at GenCon 2014!  My wife and I went all four days this year, which was a big undertaking.  This year, they had the entire convention center!  I have never been to a con that big!  We got to spend time with some friends, play some cool games, buy some of those cool games, meet a couple ‘famous’ cosplayers and see some great cosplays.  I got a few of my Magic: The Gathering cards signed by artist Terese Nielson.  We got to see Wil Wheaton and a couple producers from the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel’s TableTop at a cool and hilarious panel.  We bought some nerd-tastic baby stuff for the coming nerdling.  I got the chance to meet and get photos with a couple cosplay ladies I follow on Facebook, Toni Darling and Envy Us Deviant.  You should check out their pages, as they are awesome and a good at what they do.  I was able to have a different cosplay every day, myself.  Granted, a couple of them were last-minute and not overly phenomenal.  But, I had folks asking for pictures all four days, so that was nice.  I will see about starting a public page to share pictures with you guys, as my personal Facebook page has some high privacy settings.  All in all, it was a fantastic weekend and four days off with my lovely wife!  I can’t wait until next year!  Stay tuned, as I got the August Loot Crate today, so an unboxing post should be up in the next couple days.  Also, don’t forget that Weird Al Wednesday is tomorrow!

GenCon 2014

I’m looking forward to GenCon 2014 next week.  My wife and I are actually going all 4 days this year!  It will be exhausting, but a welcome escape into the safety of the nerds.  Since we are going all 4 days, we are looking at going to some of the events going on this year.  One event we are definitely going to attend is the Tabletop Panel of Awesome, hosted by Geek & Sundry.  If you aren’t subscribed to their YouTube channel, then what are you waiting for?  Check that out here.

Anyway, I’m really hoping that Wil Wheaton comes to the panel.  I know he usually attends GenCon, being the avid tabletop gamer he is.  I’m also anxious to find out who the Media Guests of Honor are going to be this year.  So far, none of them have been announced.  It’s to the point that I’m starting to wonder if they are even having any this year.  I am excited to see Terese Nielsen, the Artist Guest of Honor this year.  She has done a lot of work for Magic: The Gathering, as well as book covers for Del Ray, publishers of the Star Wars expanded universe novels.

Are you going to GenCon this year?  What are you most excited about?  Who do you think the Media Guests will be?  Chime in with a comment!