Weird Al Wednesday 10-22-14

Greetings, fellow weirdos!  For today’s Weird Al Wednesday, I have selected a track from the album Alapalooza: ‘Frank’s 2000″ TV’

You may have recognized this, but ‘Frank’s 2000″ TV’ is a style parody of the early work by R.E.M.  In fact, it has quite a similar sound to ‘Shiny Happy People.’  The song also fits into Al’s old standby of poking fun at America’s dependence on television for entertainment.  As with all good satirists, Al chooses a subject that both hits on a current issue, as well as one with staying power.  One of the things I like about this song is the ridiculous nature of a TV this size when this song came out.  However, with television manufacturers now producing TVs as big as 90″, the concept is a little less farfetched than it used to be.  In fact, Frank’s TV is just a little smaller than the gigantic 72-foot by 160 -foot television screen in the Dallas Cowboys football stadium.  I find that tidbit alone to be staggering.  Someone made something more ridiculous than the subject of a Weird Al song.

And on that note, my friends, pun definitely intended, I draw this post to a close.  Stay weird everyone!  Look for my October Loot Crate review, coming soon!

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